Eco-Schools and Sustainability

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Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) has been an important and high-profile initiative which we have embraced whole heartedly. Tavernspite School is recognised locally and across Wales for its high regard to environmental welfare and its work on sustainability. We have an Eco-Committee made up of pupils across the school which is very proactive in driving forward new initiatives resulting from their regular meetings.

‘Their (pupils’) understanding of sustainable development is excellent.’ (Estyn Inspectorate for schools in Wales)

‘The promotion of sustainable development is an outstanding feature of the school. The school has achieved the Platinum Eco Schools Award and has official ‘Fairtrade’ status’.

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Our excellent work on providing environmental education has been recognized through the Eco-Schools Scheme. We have received the highest accolade – the Platinum Sustainable Schools Award and were once voted the ‘Welsh Eco-School of the Year’.

ESD links are very firmly embedded in our curriculum and the children have numerous opportunities to develop relevant skills and knowledge. As part of our sustainability work we carry out extensive recycling, manage water and energy waste carefully and a range of other sustainable initiatives.

We compost all our food waste and grow vegetables and fruit trees in our school garden and polytunnel.

We even have solar panels on the roof. These are photovoltaic panels and provide us with electrical power. Any surplus electricity is sold back to the National Grid.

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Estyn Report

Estyn Comments

The school provides a good range of high-quality learning experiences for pupils that enhance their education.

The school's commitment to using the outdoors to improve pupils’ learning and  wellbeing is outstanding.

The quality of care, support and guidance is excellent.

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